We extend our congratulations to Philip E. Burnham, Jr., of Cambridge, Massachusetts, winner of this year’s Loft Prize for Poetry for his poem ” New York Blizzard.”

Denise Duhamel, the final judge, comments “that a poet could arrest the frenetic swish and angles of Frederick Childe Hassam’s “A New York Blizzard” is remarkable–that Philip E. Burnham, Jr. could do so in a sonnet is astonishing!  The poetic form is employed as deftly as Frederick Childe Hassam’s use of canvas.  The lampposts “frosted up like cakes” is not only accurate, but tactile.  The ending couplet does something all great couplets do and that is give the reader a new insight.  I will never look at the painting  “A New York Blizzard” the same way: “Perhaps the painter wanted us to see/ Our darker selves contained in blizzardry.”  Is blizzardry even a word?  I don’t care–I see white snow swirls around our sometimes black hearts.”

Mr. Burnham, Jr. was awarded  the $1000 prize and his poem will be published in The Loft Anthology: New England Poetry and Art.

Second Place: Sara D. Rivera for her poem “Winnowing.”

Third Place: Calvin Olsen for his poem “Cast.”

Winners and finalists of The Loft Anthology contest read their poems in the Grand Hall of the Providence Public Library on June 6.  It was a wonderful and memorable night at the Poetry and Art Gala in Providence honoring Guest Poets from throughout New England and the finalists of the Loft Prize for Poetry!  A heartfelt thanks to all the poets who bedazzled us with their words, and all those who participated and attended the 2013 Loft Gala! We’d like to sincerely thank our generous sponsors and hard-working volunteers who helped to make the night run so well that evening.  Much gratitude goes to the Rhode Island artists who displayed their beautiful paintings, to the library staff and photographers, as well as musicians Pamela Cumming and Roselie Samter!  Photos will be posted soon.